More than 200 million girls and women live with the consequences of FGM.
Plus de 200 millions de filles et de femmes vivent avec les conséquences des MGF.
“ We cannot end poverty without ending FGM. “ (Efua Dorkenoo)
“ Nous ne pouvons pas éliminer la pauvreté sans mettre fin aux MGF. “
As long as FGM exists, gender equality remains an illusion.
Tant que les MGF existent, l‘égalité des genres demeure une illusion.
Each day 500 girls have to undergo FGM. This has to end.
Chaque jour 500 filles doivent subir les MGF. Il faut que cela cesse.

Information on female genital mutilation, the prevention and the care for women, girls and families.

Informations sur les mutilations génitales féminines, la prévention et le soin des femmes, des filles et des familles.

FGM_C.INFO is a centre for information, research and counselling on FGM for concerned women and girls, for professionals, volunteers and organisms working on the field of FGM. This portal is under construction and needs your contribution.

FGM-C.INFO est un centre d’information, de recherche et de conseil pour les femmes et les filles concernées, les professionnels, les bénévoles et les structures travaillant dans le domaine des MGF. Ce portail est en construction et a besoin de votre contribution.




Rotary International takes a stand against female genital mutilation
21 Apr 2016

When Lismore man Brian Wheatley gets hold of an issue he doesn't let go.

He's a father, community worker and passionate advocate of human rights.

As a grandfather he says he was appalled when he came across the issue of female genital mutilation at a Rotary Council on Legislation conference in Chicago some years ago.

But he was even more disturbed when his beloved Rotary organisation failed to support an international resolution to help stop the barbaric practice.

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Author: Elloise Farrow-Smith

Photo: Rotary International

Sierra Leone News: UN has not banned Bondo as Bondo is more than just FGM
20 Apr 2016

The Honourable Minister of Social Welfare, Gender & Children’s Affairs in the Republic of Sierra Leone, Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden has categorically stated that the Bondo Society is not under any current or proposed ban by the United Nations but that what the UN urges a ban of, was the specific practise of female genital mutilation.

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Author: Lucia S. Kamara


Judiciary Discusses Application of FGM/C Law in Courts
19 Apr 2016
The Judiciary of The Gambia, under the leadership of Chief Justice Emmanuel Fagbenle Thursday converged at a hotel in Bakau to discuss right measures for application of The Gambia’s law on Female Genital Mutilation/ Cutting in our domestic courts.

The day’s programme, supported by UNICEF and organised by the Judiciary, brought together magistrates, judges of the superior courts, and members of the media.

It was characterised by presentation of research findings on impact and effect of harmful traditional practices on the girl child in various communities across the country.

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Author: Sanna Jawara


FGM is one of the worst forms of gender based violence and perpetuated across the world. Each year FGM will claim the lives or hamper the physical and psychological health of millions of women and girls for non-medical reasons. Our information centre is a contribution to the complete abandoning of FGM.

Les MGF sont une des pires formes de violence basée sur le genre et se perpétue partout à travers le monde. Chaque année les MGF vont ôter la vie, ou endommager la santé physique et psychologique de millions de femmes et de jeunes filles pour des raisons non médicales. Notre centre d'information est une contribution à l’abandon complet des MGF.